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Trekking in Putao

Myanmar Photo Tours Co.Ltd: Trekking in Putao: Trekking in Putao is the best trekking trip in Myanmar. For more information :  Putao Trekking Information

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Myanmar Trekking and Hiking Co.,Ltd. : Trekking in Chin, Mindut and Kapalat

Myanmar Trekking and Hiking Co.,Ltd. : Trekking in Chin, Mindut and Kapalat:  Most of the trekking trips to Chin villages  are on the hillside and valley of the Chin mountain range. The atmosphere there re...

Trekking around Putao

No visit to Putao is really complete without trip to Putaung village , Kaungmulone Pagoda, Spirit lsland(Nat Kyun), Hopine Shan village, Upper Shankhaung village, Mularshide Lizu village and Mula River, Nankhan Rawan village, Zewon village, Machanbaw View point and Malikha river.

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Trekking in Putao, the best trekking division which rises from Himalaya Mountain range lines on the northern part of exotic Myanmar which borders with China is trekking paradise for nature lovers. It is the only one unique trekking and hiking area of the country. Mt. Hakaborazi, Mt. Phonegan, Mt.Phangran are very well known trekking sites in Putao. Putao is not just only for trekking but also to explore the authentic cultural style of highlanders.

The reason why we should visit Putao is to observe the natural and cultural heritage of northern Myanmar. It is very famous for Mt. Hakaborazi, the highest icy mountain of South East Asia, ever-green rain forest mountains, crystal white water Rivers and natural biodiversity of Hakaborazi and Phoneganrazi national parks. Red panda, Takin, Apollo butterflies, icy fish, white belly heron and black orchid are the treasures of Putao. The climate, environment, culture and topography of Putao make her to be well-known in Myanmar tourism. It looks like an isolated place of Kachin tribe.

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